Experienced HR management professional and Coach

Leadership development

Success and meaning through responsible leadership 

Changes in the workplace and a comprehensive mindset of responsibility require more from leadership. Meaningfulness and humanity, participation, and opportunities for skills development are sought after in work. The best talents can choose their workplaces. By investing in responsible leadership, a success factor is created through which both the employee and the organization thrive.




Change drivers guiding the development

Various phenomena such as artificial intelligence, hybrid work, digitalization, downshifting and quiet quitting have created additional pressure for the development of leadership. Nowadays, employees seek meaning, significance, participation, and the opportunity to succeed. New flexible employment models, a safe work environment, and the possibility to balance work with leisure time are taken for granted. The expectation of compatibility between personal and organizational values often emerges as a criterion for decision-making for both those seeking new employment and those already within the organization.

Get in touch, let’s together create a responsible leadership model suitable for your organization.

Responsible leadership

Responsible leadership is built in the organization’s values, strategy, and operations. It enhances the sense of meaning, promotes continuous learning, and fosters participation. Responsible leadership truly thrives in everyday life through all processes and ensures the organization’s productivity in a humanely efficient manner.

Means of strengthening responsible leadership include e.g. self-assessment of the board and CEO’s actions with related support for development, participatory values workshops, and tailored coaching workshops on responsible leadership for the organization.

Personnel DD

As companies approach mergers and investments, one key factor that emerges for evaluation is the competence and commitment of key personnel to change. A personnel due diligence survey supports decision-making and identifies potential personnel risks. It also adds significant value to the integration process and ensures its success.


The importance of coaching as an effective method for leadership development is continuously strengthening. Individual coaching for top management brings clear benefits to business development.

Interim HRM

When there is need to temporarily strengthen human resource management, the solution may be part-time Interim HRM. This could involve an unexpected resource gap in HR management or a situation requiring specialized, strategic expertise in human resource management. Diverse experience and skills enable a quick takeover of responsibilities and benefit the organization’s operations.


Kristiina Määttä

My practical approach is combined with a strong strategic vision and a comprehensive understanding of business. I leverage my diverse expertise accumulated along the way to support finding a solution that is suitable for the client’s needs and also works in everyday situations.

I do what I promise and remain calm even in challenging situations. I bring good energy and positivity wherever I go. I am often described as both empathetic and firm—both traits that are also needed for the successful implementation of responsible leadership within an organization.

My goal is to make both leaders and the entire organization recognize the benefits of responsible leadership by strengthening meaningfulness, creating opportunities for development, and inspiring participation.


  • Nearly 30 years of leadership and organizational development projects
  • 11 years of experience as a leader
  • Leadership experience during periods of strong growth as well as during times requiring business adaptation
  • Working with organizations of various sizes, across different industries, both public and private, national and international


  • Certified Business Coach, 2019
  • AS3 Transition Coach Foundation, 2015
  • HHJ Certificate, 2014 (Qualified Board Professional)
  • Via Senior Leadership in Action, executive development program, 2008–2009
  • Specialization studies in Human Resource Management, 2005
  • Master of Science in Economics, Administration and Organization, 1994


  • Chamber of Commerce Oulu
  • Revontuliryhmä ry
  • Board Partners Association, Northern Finland ry
  • Entrepreneurs of Northern Ostrobothnia ry
  • Women Entrepreneurs of Oulu Region ry